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History of me and my knowledge.

My ethics is professional therapists who are considerate, caring, and respectful to every client. Please Let me introduce myself My name is Pim. I have qualifications and experience in massage therapy in Thailand and United Kingdom. And I am proud to be a traditional Massage Therapy. I am very happy to healing every one in my local area.
Your body needs to have a right Massage therapy. Time for you to relax your mind and relieve muscles stiff tight. Your body needs a break, from the busy lifestyle you uses your body every day. sometimes you forget to take care off yourself. 

Welcome to Natsamon Thai Massage, Massage Wellness. I have private treatment room. May I explain to you more why Massage Therapy is good for body and mind. Your body will be flexible After Massage Treatment You will feel stiffness muscles relieve and feel relaxed. I called healing massage therapy treatment. I like to see people getting better. My massage instructor always tells me that I am just a therapists. I don’t have magical hands and I am not angels. And I cannot heal every one the whole world. But I can healing the people who come to see me. That is my happiness, doing my best for everyone who comes to me. Every day I see the smiles on the faces of customers and they give me good friendships that are gifts from angels. And I always believe that the kindness I give to people in the world always comes back to me.

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Please note that Natsamon Thai Massage 4289 Ltd may not be able to honour booking requests made. Please booking appointments in Advance 3-4 weeks. Therapist very busy