Aromatherapy Oils Massage

1 Hr

*** Aromatherapy Oil Massage is a massage therapy ***

Using a smell to help. For the purpose of balance of body, mind and emotions. The massage is a light massage to relax. And applied to the aroma contained in aromatic substances or essential oils. The properties of each essential oil can help treat the disease. The drug is absorbed through the skin by massage.The fragrance of the essential oils will help the castle to feel and adjust to the mood and feel comfortable with light massage to relax. Therefore, the use of good quality essential oils will make massage more effective.

The benefits of Aroma therapy Massage:

1. stimulates blood circulation. The body can eliminate more waste.

2. It stimulates the action of lymphatic leukemia, which removes pathogens into the body. Helps to heal inflammation.

3. Stimulates the body's metabolism to function more effectively.

4. stimulates the nervous system. Stimulate memory, emotion.

5. stimulates the muscles. Reduce muscle tightness. Relieve aches Makes you feel relaxed.

6. stimulates the digestive system. Muscles in the digestive tract to help drive the gas.

7. stimulates the reproductive system Sex hormones stimulate the sex hormone balance of the month.

8. Oil used to moisturize the skin. Slow down the wrinkles of the skin, healing the skin, reducing fade / healing wound to prevent scarring.


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