Hot Stones Massage Therapy

1.5 Hrs

The benefits of Stones Therapy Massage :

1. Reduce muscle tension.

2. Stimulate blood circulation, improve circulation of the lymphatic system in the body. Make your skin healthy, reduce wrinkles, dark spots, scars.

3. Enhance detoxification efficiency. Toxin residues in the body. If regular massage will make the digestive system better. Body cleaned up from within.

4. Make the immune system better. Reduce the symptoms of allergies.

5. Reduce menstrual pain. Or muscle aches from having a month around.

6. Can reduce excess fat. Reduce the accumulation of cellulite. Because of the heat and massage techniques that stimulate the metabolism, the fatty deposits accumulated under the skin to return to the blood circulation system. Effective

7. Heat from the warm rock. It penetrates deep into the inner muscles. Make the body feel warm. Suitable for those who feel deep aches in cold hands and feet, such as the elderly. Or who is very cold until the cold permeate into the bones. If you use this treatment will feel more comfortable. Good blood circulation.

8. The shape of the stone has been cut into a rounded convex. The weight of the stone. Including smooth stone texture. Makes the weight of the massage firmly. And deep press access to the inner muscles by the employees do not need to exert a lot. Suitable for all ages. No muscle injury It also does not irritate the skin while massage.


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