Massage Therapy ( Therapeutics Massage )

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The Benefits of The Massage therapeutic, Massage Therapy.

Due to the relaxing massage alone can not solve the problem. 

- Cure some diseases that are caused by the deformation of soil, water, wind and fire in our body or the current disease is not lost. Can not cure some diseases that are caused by Vascular system, meridians, tendons, nerves This has a direct effect on The nervous system, muscles, nerves, blood, and mood in our body to malfunction. The resulting chronic disease followed by at least 31 symptoms that are enough to group roughly. It is a hypothetical disease for easy understanding. And there may be other diseases not mentioned here.

Diseases are caused by.

1. Eat food.

2. environmental habits.

3. heavy body use.

4. weather conditions. 

5. stress conditions.

6. species of karma.

7. degenerative muscles.

 8. accidental From the existence in everyday life. We can not avoid the causes of these diseases, so we must study knowledge and therapy. Fix it to avoid suffering.

Examples of diseases or symptoms that can be rejuvenated massage line.

1. Neck pain or chronic neck pain.Neck pain can be caused by.

• Improper posture such as using a computer. (Line play) too long, high seat - too low Or sitting at the wrong place.

• Neck pain from sleeping pillow is too high. Or a pillow Or meditation, Or like falling asleep or stooping often. From a career.

• Neck Pain From Stress Too much thought makes the neck muscles contract without knowing. (May tea to the neck or head).

• Neck pain from heavy sports. Or accident Throat muscles Stiffness causes blood flow to nourish the brain completely. Or red blood transfusion with incomplete venous blood. Migraine headache, headache, dizziness, headache often refreshing, Thai massage can relieve neck pain without needing to take medicine. Can massage and pressure relief.

The benefits of pressing the point.

• Reduce the discomfort that occurs. From disorders of the internal organs of the body such as dysfunction of lung, liver, spleen, heart, small intestine, colon, and muscular joints. Or the circulation of blood, red blood and lymphatic system, etc. Pressing the correct point can stimulate the operation of those systems. To resume normal or better According to the function of each organ. And it will improve even more if each of those organs. There are nutrients needed to work. Complete As the body needs, such as nutrients from fats, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. • Reduce the pain of the body. Because when pain occurs. It is a warning sign that there is Abnormal body, such as when a headache is long gone. Chronic back pain for a long time. It may be a spasm of the spinal cord or knee pain that may be due to rheumatoid arthritis or knee or knee ligaments, etc. • Prevention - In modern medicine, the emphasis is usually on treating the disease. This causes a lot of waste. And it can be a result of extreme healing, a focus on disease prevention. Before the disease occurs when the body's systems return to normal functioning. As mentioned in verse 1 above, the chances of disease will be plagued. Our health will be less automatically. • Pressing to help keep the body active. And enhance the performance of athletes or athletes. By pressing the point will make the muscles are stronger. Resistant to heavy exercise It also makes the joints of the bones and muscles are streamlined in the current shift. Sports associations of some European countries. It has been used to hit points for athletes. Before the match Effectively bring victory to the club. On the active side, it comes from the flexibility of bones, joints and muscles. Of course, the circulation of blood and air flows smoothly. The body is light. Very active. • Spotting can be used as a first aid for some diseases, such as epilepsy, foot, sprain, asthma, appendicitis, gastritis, chest pain, toothache, etc. Before the doctor In the distant case, the doctor or wait for the doctor for a long time. • Save time and money by treating the disease as a cure. Which will go into the meat only small spots. And Thai massage, which takes a period of time, so hit point can reach the point of disease more accurately than in a short time. And do not have anything embroidered into the meat. It can cure diseases associated with pain, inflammation, chronic degenerative diseases of the organs of the body can be effective and safe work well.


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