Sports Massage ( Thai Style )

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Sports Massage is a Muscles massage for athletes. This is different from Thai massage. Or other massages that emphasize relaxation massage. Sports massage is a three-way massage. Firstly: Relief of inflammation or muscle injury. Because it will massage the muscles of the point, focusing on the broad weight. Not to crush muscles deep. The second is: maintaining muscle strength. And the third is: Optimizing your muscles is more flexible and stronger.

The benefits of Sports massage

: Massage in the athlete has many benefits to the body and mind.

: Reduce muscle tension, facilitate movement of the joints.

: Increased blood and lymph circulation Damaged tissue is quickly repaired.

: Stimulate the nervous system to be ready for competition.

: Optimize the respiratory tract.

: Pain relief.

: Make a comfortable, relaxed after the race.

Purpose of Sports Massage

The main purpose of sports massage is to help relieve stress. And muscle tension, which builds up in the soft tissues of the body during exercise. In case of minor injuries. And the wound occurs because of excessive exertion. And excessive use Massage can reduce tension and promote muscle flexibility quickly. And effective. Massage will help prepare athletes for maximum performance and drainage to relieve swelling.

Sports Massage Conditions

The purpose of the massage is: to prepare the muscles of the athlete for maximum efficiency. Reduce muscle tension. Promotes flexibility and protection against potential injuries. Sports massage can be divided into 3 types.

1. Massage before the competition

2. Massage during the competition

3. After - race massage

1. Sports Massage Before the race :

1 day before the race or within 4 hours before the race. To improve efficiency and reduce injury. It is comparable to athlete's supplement and is a warm-up to increase circulation and reduce muscle tension, so that the athlete can relax both physically and mentally. Be refreshingly refreshed.

2. Sports Massage During the Competition :

To stimulate previous performance for maximum performance. And prepare for upcoming events. A short-term massage. But focus on the big muscles. To prepare for the event.

3. Sports Massage After the race :

To help athletes relieve pain. And muscle fatigue as a result of competition. Because massage has a good effect on blood circulation. Thus, the lactic acid in the various muscles in the circulatory system. And easily removed from the body through the urinary tract. Fatigue is alleviated. In addition, appropriate massage. It also stimulates the opium in the body called beta-endorphins, which has analgesic effect. So after the massage, the athlete feels comfortable and feels relax.


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